Lloyds Bank - saviours of the Universe - and beyond

I don't know - so I guess I shouldn't comment - but do Lloyds really do so much good for society that they can continue to peddle this stuff?

I'm either missing the point entirely, or these TV adverts are the 100% top-grade best ever examples of fantastically over-pushed, heart-string pulling, soul-stirring imagery/music ever to be mixed into a visual offering by a bunch of profit-seeking maniacs?
 Now it's the new one (end of Feb 18) - mental health (the new bandwagon).

McCain - we are family

Oh this is priceless isn't it?
No-where else in the world could a maker of OVEN CHIPS get away with such insidious, vomit-inducing rubbish.
"We are Family" 
No, you're a fucking oven-chip maker.

Citroen Aircross - at the turn of the year

Just spotted this new Ad' this morning - well you couldn't miss it could you?  All those twiddly bits bolted on.
Standard stuff, of course - only the very end, THE VERY END - JUST LISTEN.
We're used to some "techy" noise being added to the end of car adverts - normally three notes, reminding us forgetful people that vehicles are full of tech these days.  For others it's a little tune, for others some nauseating strapline or other "here to help" or "we start with you ".

Citroen pull it ALL out with this Ad'
First the 3-note techy thing - this blends into the sexy French voice saying  . . .  well, I don't know, because THAT was blended with a twiddly tune - ALL THREE!  


Nissan X-Trail sex machine

Dec 17 TV Ads.  Usual car stuff.  Bit bland .  Finishing voiceover:
"Built to build families".Bloody hell!  What a tech advance eh?  Keep that parked WELL AWAY from the house guys.

Tesco xmas 17

Strapline: Tesco Xmas TV ad.
"everyone's welcome at Christmas"Useful that.

Official Food of Fools

I know, I know - it takes the mickey out of itself (nice) but my god - the prices?
Dominoes pepper a lot of their adverts with exclamation marks - they do this:
Any size Pizza - for £9.99!
Fantastic eh?  Just call it a deal - and it becomes one . . regardless of the mind-numbingly disgusting pricing.

That bloody Penguin

British Gas
By god they must spend millions?
Every damned evening - through multiple channels, across multiple time-slots this friendly guy and his sweet, sweet, sweet little Penguin tell us how British Gas are committed to a warm home for everyone, to reducing fuel bills; the music calming, the little sweet, sweet, sweet Penguin waddling about in a really sweet way, little expressions of sweet modesty, little messages of care, and hope, and love from this company.

Can't wait to get home to see another one, can you?